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Hypothermia therapy cure acute severe head injury

The hypothermia therapy have effect on vital signs, intracranial pressure (ICP), SOD,MDA, PaO2 and PaO2 changeable for severe craniocerebral injury patients. Hypothermia therapy treatment group have 28 cases and adopt hypothermia therapy within 24 hours after injury, it controls rectal temperature between 34 and 34.5℃ and last 3 days. Hypothermia therapy supervise temperature, HR,ICP, ICP、SOD、MDA、PaO2 and PaCO2. Matched group have 31 cases, both in evaluation of the prognosis when discharge from hospital. The result is HR and ICP of early age decrease by the normal range. PaO2 rise and PaO2 decline, MDA、SOD and MBP change a little compared to matched group. The healthy complication never be happened, the death rate decline. The conclusion is that hypothermia therapy is the safe and effective method for cure acute severe head injury, without serious complication, decline death rate and improve life quality.
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