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“Hypothermia” Newborn cerebropathy rescue safely and effectively

In our country, we take the leading in using hypothermia therapy to treat newborn hypoxic ischemic brain damage, recently we succeed in rescue sick children, newborn were threatened healthy and life in long time by hypoxic ischemic disease." newborn hypoxic ischemic", their parents fear to these words. Medical workers also felt helpless for that. In the past, they tried their best to correct the hypoxic ischemic for sick children, because of hypoxic ischemic easy to give rise to brain cell apoptosis, result in brain tissue irreversible damage, succeeded in rescuing them, but they will become brain paralysis. 34C hypothermia can impede effectively brain cell apoptosis, and have effective on protective brain tissue. It is reported that there is no one to try hypothermia therapy, because newborn pay attention to "keep warm" under treatment in the past. If don’t keep warm, newborn will discover "disseminated intravascular coagulation", acidosis, arrhythmia, apnea. Hypothermia therapy successfully use for clinic, declared that newborn with hypoxic ischemic can stay away from brain paralysis.