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    Changjiang Sci-tech industrial Co.,Ltd was founded by researchers of Changchun physics institute and precision machinery of CAS in 1993, It is specialized in research and manufacture temperature management system.
    Based on the space temperature control technology, we communicate with foreign counterparts and keep the same pace with foreign levels. According to the international standard, we design and manufacture the first unit hyper-hypothermia system in domestic "dicaryon temperature management unit, dual model temperature management, dual continuous circulation output". We are the unique realization 0.1 high temperature management accuracy of hyper-hypothermia system in domestic. We possess two patents "adjustable soft cap" "semiconductor high effective temperature management model".
    Since 1993, we researched and developed the first hard helmet cap, compressor type blanket and cap and semiconductor hyper-hypothermia system. In 2011, we researched and developed the smallest volume hyper-hypothermia system of the forth generation in domestic, products always be in leading level. We cooperate with hundreds of dealers, and establish partnership with big hospitals of provinces and cities in domestic. We often defeat strong opponent and win the biddings.